My Go-To Scent This Summer | Caronia Body

Before summer ends, let me share with you my everyday go-to body mist and hand sanitizer. When you think of summer,I bet these two surely comes to your mind: Florals & Fruits. I love fruits! And watermelon ๐Ÿ‰ is really one of my favorite because it's delightfully refreshing and sweet! I like that this sweetness… Continue reading My Go-To Scent This Summer | Caronia Body


Stylish Winter Accessory for Women

It is already cold season! It is that time of the year where everyone pulls out their winter wear. And among those scarves, fancy socks, sweaters and jackets, thereโ€™s this kind of accessory that you can add up to your daily ootds. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The Beret cap < em> < em>< <<<<< Enhance your basics with… Continue reading Stylish Winter Accessory for Women


One of the astounding assets may a woman have is her hair. For it is her crowning glory, as they say. Since my teenage years and until now, I still had it and decided to keep it long. Others may saw it strange every time I unfurl my hair. They were amazed that my hair… Continue reading HAIR BUN STYLE FOR SUPER LONG HAIR

Summer OOTD:

I hope it ainโ€™t too late to post this beautiful wrap around dress from as the summer season is not yet over. I am really curious about what they would cater for me and I was surprised and happy with what I received! I am particularly in love with the teal bright color plus… Continue reading Summer OOTD:

Doggie Run 2018

On March 3, last Saturday we have joined this pawsome fun run event held recently at the SM Mall of Asia grounds. It is an annual fun run event organized by Pet Express to help raise funds for the benefit of the PAWS and considered as Manila's biggest dog-running event. This is our second time… Continue reading Doggie Run 2018


My Favorite Go-To Clothing Color If you are going to look at my closet, you will see that the dominant color is BLUE. Mostly are dresses, skirts, jumpers or rompers, tops or blouses and many more. Obviously, when it comes to "Go-To clothing", this color is my favorite and I always want to wear since… Continue reading SHADES OF BLUE


Culottes and Long Top with Slit My love for fashion never ends. I can't help myself not to look on the latest trends about fashion in the net, online shops, or the styles that are commercialized in any form of social media or being displayed in the malls. I look even on celebrities' and fashion… Continue reading THE FASHION AND THE MODESTY: